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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

We walked, it was hot.

Day 149 11/8
Mileage 30
Camped at mile 61.51

Today was another difficult day. We had a total of almost 7000 feet of climbing over our 30 miles. It was noticeably hotter today, with afternoon temps (during the day's biggest climb, go figure) soaring up to an astronomical 97 degrees. We stopped at scissors crossing for lunch and blissful shade under the freeway. Then, we blazed up our last big climb of the trail. It felt surreal. But it got real quickly after dinner as we hit one of the steepest climbs I've seen on the trail, and I felt like I had been suckerpunched in the gut. The day ended on a plateau of sorts, with short shrubs providing a bit of shelter at our campsite. The lights of a city are visible below us in the distance, so far removed from us. I'm trying to savor this feeling of being so removed from civilization.

You love to see that

Trolling the bridge

The Desert-now pointier than ever!

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