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Monday, November 17, 2014

Last Resupply, Gee Whiz.

Day 148 11/7
Mileage 28
Camped at Third Gate Water Cache

Our last resupply was easy. There sure wasn't much in Warner Springs to distract us from hiking. After getting back on trail, we crossed some wide-open prairie-like grasslands and stopped at Eagle Rock, which really does look like an eagle. As it got dark, we stopped for dinner and continued another 7 tough miles, which were hard mostly because I was so darn sleepy. I do love the desert at night, though. The moonlight changes the feel of the landscape dramatically, making it feel otherworldly and mysterious. The moonlight was again absurdly bright, and at 8:30, we stumbled down, half asleep already, to the awesome water cache where we're sleeping tonight. The admirable people who stock this cache pack in gallons upon gallons of water three miles uphill so we can stay hydrated. Wow. Just wow.

Last box!

Lovely Oaks

I think it looks more like a kestrel...

Just plain walkin'

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