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Monday, November 17, 2014

Desert Moonhiking

Day 147 11/6
Mileage 30.5
Camped at mile 118.6

Last night's wind calmed down this morning, and we awoke to the very first rays of the sunrise. We hiked quickly over this morning's rolling hills, which really felt like the desert. Cacti, agave, and yucca dotted the landscape. Large boulders punctuated the vegetation every few hundred yards. Thanks to Arctic Fox's keen ears, we narrowly avoided an unfortunate encounter with an enormous swarm of wasps. Dodged a bullet there. The trail turned gradually uphill, and we followed the contour of the mountain as we slowly climbed. We grabbed water to last us to Warner Springs at trail angel Mike's house. To our left, the moon began to rise, full and yellow, over the mountains. When it got dark, we stopped to eat dinner, and continued our hike by moonlight, which was more than enough to see by. Last resupply tomorrow. What?

No, that's not the sun

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