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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coming Home

Day 66 8/17
Mileage 9
Camped at Lookout Rock

Back on trail, yay! It has certainly been a leisurely week. Bye bye, Oregon, hello, California! y7We're up by the Buck's Lake Wilderness, in the very northernmost portion of the Sierras. It smells, looks, and feels much different from the trail we've hiked so far. It feels distinctly Sierra-esque. It's a bit hard to switch back into trail mode after not being on trail for a while. Our campsite has an incredible view of Sierra Buttes, where we'll be in a few days. It's nice knowing I'm back in my home state. It's comforting. We're currently working on reconstructing every day of the hike so far. Going through every day, it's amazing how each day is so vivid. The days had started to blur together a bit, but as we recount them, they each seem to stand out in my mind. We certainly have had a wealth of different experiences on this trip.

Hiking like a big shot. Ice cream paint job.

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