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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dam It

Day 70 8/21
Mileage 12
Camped on a dam by a creek somewhere

I awoke this morning, expecting to be frying in my sleeping bag, and was pleasantly surprised to find my spot perfectly shaded by the trunk of a single nearby tree. Good job, tree. We descended the rocky slopes of Sierra Buttes, with superb views of the valley. We could even see the small collection of buildings that is Sierra City. Kyle had his second rattlesnake encounter. On the way down, I saw/smelled good ol' Mountain Misery, the plant that I've come to associate strongly with this area. We met up with Zoe and her parents in Sierra City, picked up our packages at the inn, and went to Downieville for some food. Zoe's parents were nice enough to treat us to lunch at the local taqueria. We all ate absurd quantities of food, mostly in the form of giant wet burritos, and returned to Sierra City. We bid au revoir to monsieur Daniel, who was heading home with Zoe's parents. Prior to the wet burrito, I had consumed three donuts, maybe 10 Oreos, some bread, some of Zoe's quesadilla, chips, guac, salsa, and some assorted smaller snacks. Before we began walking, I had one last donut, and I waddled, really waddled up the trail, my feast weighing like a brick or five in my stomach. After the hardest couple miles of my life, we happened upon a dam-looking thing, where we decided to camp. I sent my tent home with Daniel. Daring, I know, but I don't anticipate bugs or rain in the near future. I'm looking forward to this resupply, which will bring us far higher into the mountains than we've yet been.

Comfier than it looks

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