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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Just Butteful

Day 69 8/20
Mileage 20
Camped at Sierra Buttes OHV trail

We awoke this morning thankful to have been left uneaten by the monsters. A chipmunk got into my gorp, though. The scenery today was splendid. We were up along ridges, and we could see dozens of beautiful lakes to either side, surrounded by stately granite peaks. Eventually, the pull of the lakes was too strong, and we took a half mile detour down to Deer Lake, which was wonderful. It was perfect brisk swimming temperature. After sunning ourselves on a warm rock, we made our way back to the trail. We made it past Sierra Buttes today! The distinctive peak has been like a beacon to us since our first day of hiking on this resupply. It's easy to forget that we're actually covering ground as we walk. Sometimes the miles seem to blur together with no tangible signs of progress, so it's nice to see a lone peak way off in the distance, seemingly unattainable, and day by day, inch our way closer. Now, here we are, camped in its shadow. The night sky here is enormous, as we're on an exposed, rocky outcrop. We have an almost 360˚ view of the sky, save the silhouette of the Buttes behind us. The last vestiges of the sunset are barely visible still behind layer upon layer of mountains, and the night's astral display promises to be truly stellar.

The Buttes

Pretty Decent Campsite

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